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My ex. keeps trying to hurt me.

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Monday, 01 March 2010
Dear Doctor Lover,

I'm a 41 yr old male who has been going thru some tuff times. I was married to my first wife who left me 16 yrs ago since then I remarried but she cheated so we separated I reconnected With My First Wife Who Said She Wanted To Get Married Again! Everything Was Great I Moved From RI to FL Then After Two Weeks Her X Boyfriend Came Back After He Was Dumped by His Girlfriend So He Wanted Her Back She Told Me She Didn't Have Those Feelings For Him But After He Continued To Talk With Her I Guess That Changed? She Told Me She Was Confused And Needed Time To Figure What She wanted! Then She Told Me She didn't Want To Pass On The Chance To Know "What If" He Had Changed And She Couldn't Live Without Not Knowing! I Told Her Life is filled with "What If's" And Sometimes You Cant Always Go Back To Find Out! Well I'm In Another State Now Because I Couldn't Sit There Knowing The Woman I Have Loved All My Life Would Take A Chance On Him And not Me? Now we Talk And She Say's he doesn't show her the same love I do and she still loves me but doesn't wanna leave him??? What does all that mean? Am I a fool for holding on to someone who doesn't show the same love for me? Should I break all communications with her? Not sure my hearts ready to? Your thoughts?

Sincerely, wacky!

Dear Wacky,
It wouldn't consider you a fool for trying to hold on. You are only holding on because she is making you believe that there is something there. She wants you to wait around for her while she figures it out. The best thing that you can do now is let her go and instead of feeding her that time, you need to give it to either yourself or someone else who can appreciate it and give it back in return. You've wasted too much time with her and if she wants to be with you, she will be with you. Don't wait on something that doesn't need waiting. She's a grown woman and knows how to make moves when she needs to. She was strong enough to leave you for him, but she isn't strong enough to leave him for you.
Though she may want to be with you, she just isn't ready. If she can up and leave you after all that you have done for her, then she isn't a woman that you should want to be with. Let go of the dream and let in reality.
~Doctor Lover
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